Welcome to Back To You

The 6-week program designed to heal your mind, body & soul

It's time to journey back to you

To connect with the messages your body is giving you 

To understand what they mean

To bring your body back into alignment

So that it can heal

And you can live a vibrant life 

Free from symptoms

Free from pain

Full of happiness

Are you living your life in the fast lane...

Always on the go

Working hard

Always putting others first

Hustling through your days

Never taking the time to slow down

To just be

To hear the messages your body is giving you?


Because it always is you know...


Anxiety or depression


Dull, dry skin

Aching joints

Constipation or bloating

Irregular cycles

Painful, heavy periods

Absent periods

Headaches or migraines

Stomach aches or pains

Dry, brittle hair or nails

Brain fog

Poor memory or concentration

Struggling to wake in the morning

An afternoon low between 3-4pm

Struggling to fall asleep

Waking between 1-3am


And the list goes on...

Yes these are all common symptoms, but no, they're not normal

They are all ways your body is telling you something's wrong

But do you ever give yourself time to listen?

Time is magic

When we give ourselves time to slow down and hear those messages

To understand what they mean

We can actually do something about them

We can reconnect to our body and heal it once and for all

Are you ready to reconnect with your body and heal it once and for all?


What We'll Cover

Over our 6 weeks journeying together we will:

1. Understand the impact of stress in all its forms; physical, emotional, actual and perceived, signs your nervous system and adrenals may be struggling and how we can heal

2. Understand where your hormones may be out of balance and how you can live in alignment with your menstrual cycle

3. How to beat fatigue, supercharge your energy and have deep and nourishing sleep

4. Go deep to understand everything skin, hair and nails, including how we can heal dry skin, hair and nails and minimise cellulite, acne, lines and wrinkles

5. Learn what your gut health symptoms are telling you, the impact they will be having on everything from your mood, energy and hormones to skin, nails and brain fog, and how to banish poor gut health once and for all


6. Learn how to kick fad diets and reach your happy weight with ease... whether you struggle to lose those stubborn pounds or you can't keep weight on, we've got you covered with some serious myth busting. Little hint... it's not about calories in, calories out

We'll be kicking off when the clocks change on 28th March for 6 delicious healing weeks.


And you'll be joined by a community of like-minded women who will become your besties in our private Facebook group.


So why not make the most of the longer days and spring energy and take control of your health and happiness right now

Using our signature combination of nutritional therapy, 

energy healing, movement, meditation and journaling,

 join us for 6 delicious weeks of...



Connect back to your body so you can start to hear its messages 



Understand what each of its messages mean and what needs healing



Learn how to bring your body back into alignment using our signature methods



Experience true healing, symptom free living, and a vibrant life

What You'll Get


  • 6 three hour deep, transformational healing sessions using our signature combination of nutritional therapy, energy healing, movement, meditation and journaling 

  • Ceremonies for all Full and New Moons that fall during the program 

  • Exclusive access to our private Facebook group where we will be including bonus lives and exercises throughout the program, and you can connect with a community of like-minded women


  • Instant access to the private Facebook group... so the earlier you join, the sooner you can start immersing yourself in all this juice!

  • Understanding of what your body's signs and symptoms mean and how to bring your body back into alignment using nutritional therapy (that's a fancy term for diet and lifestyle ;)) 

  • Meditations to connect with your body


  • Journaling prompts 

  • Energy healing and movement practices to support brining your body back into alignment; including sound healing, yoga nidra, yin yoga and Qi-Gong 

  • Weekly workbooks containing all the info we cover on our calls for you to go back to and review as often as needed

  • Replays emailed out within 24 hours if you can't join live

  • Lifetime access to call replays and workbooks so you can keep coming back to the education and healing sessions as often as you need

  • Weekly Q&A's with your hosts in the private Facebook group

Kind Words For Lynda

"Lynda is incredible. Working with her I truly feel so supported and held and listened to. If you are feeling called to dive deeper into your health and symptoms on a holistic level, I highly recommend booking in with his beautiful woman. She looks into everything so thoroughly so that you as a woman can thrive"

Marnie, Australia

This is for you if...

You're sick of living with the same symptoms year after year and never seeing them improve

You want to be empowered with all the information you need to take control of your own health and happiness

You're intrigued to try energy healing practices but don't know where to start

You want to work with a nutritional therapist but can't commit to 1:1 investment right now

You know investing in you and your health are the most important things

You want to be surrounded by a community of like-minded women

You want to make more time for yourself so you can be your most healthy, vibrant self

This isn't for you if...

You are unable to commit 3 hours per week (1.78% of your week) focusing on you, your health and well-being

You're not willing to make changes to your diet and lifestyle

You're not willing to try new energy healing modalities

You are not ready to step out of your comfort zone and take on new ideas and perspectives

Kind Words For Laura

‘Laura is a sound healing wizard.

Every session she has done for me has been so beautiful. I’ve felt lots of powerful energetic and emotional shifts.

Laura is such an intuitive healer; I always come away feeling new!
It’s pure magic that my words cannot describe!’

The combined value of this program is worth over £2000
BUT it's 2021 and we want you to prioritise your health without cost being an issue
SO for this round we will be offering the full 6 weeks for

just £399*

*when paid in full

And you get lifetime access to all this goodness so you can go through the program and its content as many times as you like.

Yes we know! It's incredible!! But it's important to us that we make this as accessible as possible for anyone who needs it. Because this is SO NEEDED.
We can't wait to support you


Remember, we kick off on Sunday 28th March BUT you get immediate access to our private Facebook group and all the additional content we'll be sharing ahead of launch as soon as you purchase!


Option 1

Pay In Full


Image by Ergita Sela

Option 2

Pay in Installments

2 Payments of £225

Please reach out by emailing if you need further support with spreading the cost. I know how tough times are right now and will do all I can to help you heal without financial stress.

About Lynda

Hi I'm Lynda. I’m a Nutritional Therapist on a mission to help high achieving women reconnect with their inner guidance and bring their mind, body and soul back into alignment.


As a recovered anorexia nervosa sufferer and burnt out workaholic I know what it is like to hit rock bottom. 

Specialising in women's health, I provide a safe, warm and empathetic environment to start your healing journey.


And I won't do it through restriction. Food is fuel but it’s also absolutely blummin delicious so I’m here to empower you to make healthier food choices that not only taste delicious, but will also nourish your body, mind and soul.


About Laura

I'm Laura, a qualified sound healing practitioner and yoga teacher.

Ever since I was a little girl I have been fascinated by nature, crystals, energy and chakras; aspects of the world and ourselves which can't always be seen or touched.

I never expected sound healing to change my life, but from the first time I held and struck a bowl, I knew this was my calling. 

Ever since that day I have loved introducing people to the sounds and vibrations of my bowls; not just to people who are familiar with this healing modality but to people of all ages who, just like me, have never experienced or been exposed to it. 


There is nothing I love more than creating a safe space where you feel empowered enough to share how the session felt for you, emotionally and physically. Its pure magic.

Image by Sage Friedman

We're so excited to support you on your journey. Make sure you drop us a message on email or Instagram once you're signed up so we can celebrate you for being the incredible goddess you are.

So much love,

Lynda &  Laura