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Coaching, Mentoring & Healing

Are you ready to heal your body, break through unhealthy, destructive patterns, and build your self worth & confidence to create wild abundance without the burnout?

Hi I'm Lynda, a transformational healer and new paradigm business coach to high achieving female leaders.

Understand how to align your life and career to your astrology and human design, grow your business without hustle and burnout through feminine energetics, new paradigm marketing know how, plus a sprinkle of manifestation, heal your body using nutritional therapy, or heal the unknown with a transformational breathwork & meditation journey... you can fuse them all in my highest touch VIP 1:1 container designed for high-achieving female business leaders, or choose an individual offering with my 1 off and smaller packages.

Explore my current offerings below

I can't wait to support you

love Lynda xxx


Fierce Feminine Ascension: VIP 1:1 Coaching & Mentoring

Transformational healing & business coaching
for the female leader ready to stand in her power & claim wild abundance without the burnout

Are you ready to heal your body, break through unhealthy, destructive patterns, and build your self worth & confidence to create wild abundance without the burnout?

Join me on a transformational journey like no other as I fuse holistic therapies, embodiment practices, energetic healing, spirituality and mindset work, with 20 years of high performance business & marketing, to help you embrace your feminine essence, heal your mind, body & soul, and manifest wild abundance


This intimate 1:1 container has been designed for business leaders, business owners and aspiring business owners who are ready to claim their highest levels of abundance and radiantly ascend without the burnout.

Together we'll break through disempowering beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviours, heal from broken health, and create overflowing prosperity through feminine energetics balanced with powerful masculine strategy and processes that allow abundance to flow as you sleep. No more hustling and burning out as you rise. It's time to ascend with radiance, ease & flow.


Working with me allows you to have your own personal nutritional therapist, mindset and manifestation coach, breathwork & meditation practitioner, astrology & human design enthusiast, feminine energetics expert AND high performance marketeer & business strategist on your team.


With 20 years of business and marketing experience plus a whole load of burnout under my belt, I've spent the last 5 years deconditioning from unhealthy patterns & behaviours, transforming my health & fertility, overcoming low self-worth, perfectionism, fear of being seen & 24/7 hustling to create the life, health & business of my dreams. And together we will create your dream life, health and wealth too.

The impact of this container will be seen way beyond our 6 months together. This has the potential to change the rest of your life.


This transformational portal is a 5 figure investment and designed for those ready to be held high by me, stand in their power and claim their greatest desires in health, wealth, love, relationships, career & business.

If you are ready to go ALL IN, hit the offer you want to claim, & book your kick off session as you pay.


Much love,


Lynda xx

Align Intensive


Decode the stars to unlock wild abundance

Does making money feel hard? Do you feel out of alignment with what you are doing in life, or how you are doing it? Did you know the answer to EASE is written in the stars? Using your astrology & human design I decode your GIFTS & DESTINY & teach how to live in line with your design for more EASE, FLOW & WEALTH.


During our transformational 2 hour session, we'll also go deep with a breathwork and meditation journey designed to kick-start the deconditioning of your not-self, moving through aspects that are holding you back from living your life in alignment. Not only are these sessions LIFE CHANGING, they are also a whole load of fun.


Calls are hosted on zoom & you'll be provided with a recording of our session. 

Fully Healed 1:1 Mentorship


Transform what mindset work is unable to reach

Experience a personalised transformational breathwork & meditation journey. Aligning to your intention for our journey, be that supporting anxiety, clarity, expansion, release, self confidence, self worth, self love, tapping into your intuition, connecting with your higher self or something else, access & change in the body what the mind doesn't even know is there. These journeys are literally life changing and have created the most epic breakthroughs in my life.

Individual & 3 session packages are available.

Confidence Rebirthed 1:1 VIP


Root cause healing using functional medicine

Where my healing first started... using nutritional therapy to get to the root cause of health challenges in the body and heal using diet, lifestyle and nutritional supplements to bring the body back into alignment and vibrant health. Receive a 2 hour deep dive into your full health history & current health challenges plus four follow-up sessions at 4, 8, 12 & 16 weeks. PLUS weekly check-ins & support via voxer. You'll receive a detailed report & plan after your first session plus updated plans after each follow-up session, alongside additional support including analysis of test results if relevant. Plans include proven, science-based nutrition, lifestyle & supplement recommendations to help heal the root causes of your health challenges so you can supercharge your health in line with your personal intentions, be that energy, weight loss, fertility, support with your menstrual cycle, mood, gut, skin or something else. Sessions are held via zoom.

Book your first session now.

Functional Testing

Image by Alexander Krivitskiy

Discover The Keys To Your Healing

I offer a broad range of functional testing, including stool testing, DUTCH hormone testing, organic acids, and hair, tissue, mineral analysis (HTMA). These tests go so much deeper than tests we can get via our Doctors and can be truly transformational when combined with a nutritional therapy plan targeted specifically to your results.


As there are so many options available I have chosen not to list them all here. Instead, please message me with your symptoms and I can advise what would best suit your needs. Tests are provided at cost. The cost of my analysis and your personalised plan will vary by test and a quote will be shared ahead of purchasing your test.


All 1:1 nutrition clients and VIP Coaching & Mentoring clients receive free analysis of tests.

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