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 fall in love with florance

 fall in love with florance

 fall in love with florance

it's time to own your power

Join me on a transformational journey like no other as I fuse holistic therapies, embodiment practices, energetic healing, spirituality and mindset work, with 20 years of high performance business & marketing, to help you embrace your feminine essence, heal your mind, body & soul, and manifest wild abundance


Hi Gorgeous, I'm Lynda,
a transformational healer & new paradigm business coach to high achieving female leaders


Are you ready to heal your body, break through unhealthy, destructive patterns, and build your self worth & confidence to create wild abundance without the burnout?


I'm so excited to meet you

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Hi I'm Lynda. Taurus Sun. Aquarius Moons. Virgo Rising. Leo North Node. 6/2 Emotional Projector, with the channels of awareness (61-24), synthesis (19-49) & recognition (30-41).

Type 1 Enneagram, closely followed by 6... loyal as...  
Mum. Free spirit. Animal & nature lover.
Embodiment Queen.

Where science meets spirituality & being healthy gets to be fun & easy. Country living. Addicted to learning.

Have you spent too many years sacrificing your health for your career? Are you using coffee to get yourself going in the morning and wine to switch off at night?

Are you struggling with hormonal imbalances?

Do you experience constipation, diarrhoea or both?

Are you getting brain fog, headaches, anxiety or low mood?

Are you struggling to conceive despite no explanation from your doctor

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, just know I am here to help.

I'm on a mission to help busy women just like you reconnect with themselves and bring their mind, body and soul back into alignment.

- love Lyndae

As a recovered anorexia nervosa sufferer and burnt out workaholic I know what it is like to hit rock bottom.

I believed I was infertile for 17 years, but I'm now the proud mother of 2 beautiful sons, living in alignment with my soul's purpose, and am proof reclaiming your health and happiness is possible.

My Gifts To You

Nutritional Therapy

As a functional medicine practitioner there's no bandaids on a problem only for them to return a few months down the line. I get to the root cause of your symptoms & heal from there 

Mindset & NLP

I help you to identify & reprogram limiting beliefs so that you can create new ways of being, doing and having all that you desire

Breathwork & Meditation

I lived in my head for the first 39 years of my life. Mindset work is INCREDIBLE, but without shifting things IN the body you are never going to experience the elusive quantum leap growth people talk about. Embodiment work has been key to mine & my client's healing journeys 

Business & Marketing 

With 20 years experience working in ecommerce, retail & now owning my own business, experiencing everything from £0-45 million budgets, advertising, PR, celebrity partnerships, influencer campaigns, customer research & insight, social media, brand, launching, CRM... the list goes on. There isn't much in the world of Marketing I haven't excelled at

Astrology & Human Design

Astrology & human design are the gifts that have helped me to understand myself & my clients better than any other discipline 

Feminine Energetics

Living life and growing a business with ease & flow, without hustle & burnout is my jam. The key is to be so authentic & magnetic that you draw opportunities & people to you without always doing. To embrace your cyclical nature. To work with your natal chart... creating wild abundance gets to be easy... 

Find Out More
1:1 Coaching & Mentoring

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Online Programs
Image by sydney Rae

I have a broad range of self-led online programs and masterclasses available to purchase with immediate & lifetime access. They include my famous 8 week program, Fast-Track Your Fertility & the 21-day program, Supercharged Energy Demystified


I'm currently enrolling for an intimate projector mastermind

Corporate Wellness

I take women in leadership from burnt out to thriving.

Invest in the health of your colleagues and business with my personalised workshops.

Public Speaking
Image by Augustine Wong

Let my down to earth, yet passionate and energetic presenting style capture and entertain your audience. Whether it's a press or internal product launch, social media takeover, or customer event, I love to talk.

Brand Collaborations & Consultancy

20 years experience as a Senior marketeer combined with nutritional therapy expertise makes me a great partner for brands looking to enter into or grow in the wellness industry. I can support with everything from brand strategy to new product development, and so much more.


i'm a natural born creative who loves to write

Elevated Writing That Forces You To Take A Deep Dive Into Though

  • Why the traditional sales and marketing advice doesn't work for Projectors and what to do instead

  • The keys to building an incomparable online presence as a Projector

  • How to master soulful sales as a Projector 

  • How to stand out as yourself in the online world

  • Why your uniqueness is so important as a Projector

  • Harnessing your inconsistent energy as a gift rather than a hindrance

view the blog

Get my FREE Self Worth Bundle

Ditch limiting beliefs, decide what you desire & own your worth with my free 3 -part self-worth bundle. Includes an inspirational audio pep-talk, a transformational breathwork & meditation journey & journaling prompts to step into the next-level you


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