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Have you spent too many years sacrificing your health for your career? Are you using coffee to get yourself going in the morning and wine to switch off at night? Are you struggling with heavy painful, clotty periods or no periods at all? Do you experience constipation, diarrhoea or both? Are you getting night sweats, brain fog, headaches, anxiety or low mood? Are you struggling to conceive despite no explanation from your doctor?

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, just know I am here to help.

Hi I'm Lynda. I’m a Nutritional Therapist, Life Coach, NLP Master Practitioner and Energy Healer, on a mission to help high achieving women reconnect with their feminine essence and bring their mind, body and soul back into alignment.


As a recovered anorexia nervosa sufferer and burnt out workaholic I know what it is like to hit rock bottom. But I'm now the proud mother of a beautiful son, living in alignment with my soul's purpose, and am proof reclaiming your health and happiness is possible.


I help women balance their hormones, elevate their energy, heal their gut, supercharge their fertility, and reconnect with their feminine essence.


Work With Me

Imagery provided with love by She Is Luminous

Imagery provided with love by She Is Luminous


1:1 Health Coaching

I help high achieving women reclaim their energy, balance their hormones, heal their gut, elevate their mood, get glossy hair, strong nails, banish the stubborn pounds and supercharge their  fertility.


1: 1 Business Coaching

Are you a woman in the wellness industry who has all the skills but no idea how to create a profitable business? No fear! Let my 17 years business and marketing expertise supercharge your growth.


NEW Back To You

Back To You is my brand new online group coaching program designed to help you understand the messages your body is giving you and bring it back into alignment.



"Lynda is incredible. Working with her I truly feel so supported and held and listened to. If you are feeling called to dive deeper into your health and symptoms on a holistic level, I highly recommend booking in with his beautiful woman. She looks into everything so thoroughly so that you as a woman can thrive"

Marnie, Australia

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