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I’m Lynda, a Nutritional Therapist on a mission to help high achieving women have it all.


I'm here to help you balance your hormones, elevate your energy, banish those stubborn pounds, reclaim your cycle, supercharge your fertility and nourish your body postpartum.


As a recovered anorexia nervosa sufferer and burnt out workaholic I know what it is like to hit rock bottom. But I'm now a proud mother of a beautiful son and am passionate about helping other women heal their bodies, minds and souls.

How I Can Help You

Work With Me

adrenal health guide.png
Brand Consultancy

With 17 years experience as a Senior marketeer for some of the UKs leading high street and ecommerce brands, along with nutrition and holistic wellness expertise, I can be a great addition to your team



136 million sick days were taken in the UK in 2017, with women being 42% more likely to take sick days for reasons we could often prevent with the right education and support. Let me help you invest in the health of your employees and your business

Corporate Wellness
Public Speaking

I love to inspire others to live a healthier and happier life. Let my down to earth, yet passionate and energetic presenting style capture and entertain your audience 

Health Retreats

Retreats are the ideal opportunity to unwind and focus on your own health and wellbeing whilst meeting like-minded people


If you'd like to work together, please reach out and let's grab a coffee (yes I drink coffee...)

Private Consultations

I'm passionate about helping women to live their healthiest most vibrant lives

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