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Is Stress Ruining Your Fertility?

Let's talk stress,

So on a really basic level, we have 2 main stress hormones:

  1. Adrenaline, our short-term stress hormone which triggers fight or flight. Historically, this was elevated when our life was literally in danger, for example, when we were being chased by a tiger.

  2. Cortisol, our long-term stress hormone, which historically was only made chronically when food was scarce; usually during a famine, flood or war.

The problem is, our world has changed faster than our biochemistry is able to keep up with. So the release of those hormones still mean the same things today even though what’s causing them is very different. So today rather than a lion chasing us, adrenaline may come from getting caught in traffic and running late for a meeting, or getting a rude abrupt email off our boss, or we’ve just had a coffee, or an argument with a loved one… or, or, or… the list goes on. Plus cortisol is getting pumped out relentlessly because our stressors are constantly present, and we never get time to switch off our sympathetic nervous system.

And all this time adrenaline tells your body your life is in danger, and cortisol tells your body there is no food left in the world.

Sex hormone imbalances may be one of the first signs we receive that stress has become too much. Stress hormone production will always be prioritised over sex hormone production as your survival is priority. With adrenaline communicating to every cell of the body that your life is in danger, and cortisol communicating that there is no food left in the world, the last thing your body wants to do is to bring a baby into the world.

Here are some of the signs your adrenals may be under pressure, and so your fertility may be getting compromised due to stress:

• Difficulty getting up in the morning

• Afternoon low between 3-4pm

• Anxiety

• Craving salt or sugar

• Decreased libido

• Impaired cognitive function

• Decreased ability to handle stress

• Poor memory recall

• Depressed mood/depression

• Decreased tolerance - snapping at others more easily

• Difficulty concentrating

• Decreased productivity

• Confusion

• Frequent urination (not linked to excessive fluid intake)

• Irritability

• Headaches/migraines

• Fatigue, not relieved by rest

• Feeling better after eating

• Increased effort to do everyday tasks

• Increased fears

• Increased recovery time

• Increased symptoms with skipped meals

• Insomnia

• Lethargy


• Drop in blood pressure on standing

• Inability to feel pleasure from normally pleasurable experiences

• Dark circles under eyes

• Pain/aching joints

• Digestive disturbances

Need some help getting your adrenal health back on track? Drop me an email to with the subject 'Adrenals' and I'll send you my free guide, 10 Steps to Adrenal Health.

Much Love

Lynda x

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