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Iconic The Podcast
with Lynda Stretton

Secrets to creating a wildly successful stand out business from your soul

Creating an iconic brand means standing out in the market through being individual & authentic. It means being willing to take risks & do things differently. It means understanding your own gifts & stepping onto your soul's path even when it doesn't make sense.

Lynda Stretton is a senior marketing & brand expert turned spiritual business coach & mentor to high achieving women. As a 6/2 projector, Lynda is here to role model a new way of doing business & is passionate about normalising women making millions with authenticity, ease & flow. Fusing her unique combination of mindset & manifestation coaching, human design & astrology, energetics and breathwork & meditation with 20 years of marketing, brand & business strategy, Lynda helps women create brands & businesses that stand out in the market, & attract in wild abundance with ease & flow.

In this podcast, Lynda shares solo trainings in all areas of entrepreneurship, coaching & mentoring, marketing, wealth expansion, business energetics & business strategy, and speaks to inspiring guests who have authentically created iconic brands. Whether you're an established business owner, desire to grow your side hustle, or make the leap to launch your own business at speed, each episode will provide inspiration, strategies & mindset shifts for you to step into your next level so you can create your iconic business today. I hope you love it.

love Lynda xxx

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