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Healthy Salad

Are you ready to get to the root of your health challenges, heal your body, and discover a whole new you?

Nutritional therapy is a whole-body approach to nutrition and lifestyle medicine that addresses the underlying root causes of health challenges, rather than focusing on and putting band-aids over symptoms.

Nutritional Therapy uses the Functional Medicine Model, which is an individualized, patient-centered, science-based approach to promote optimal wellbeing,


When working together 1:1, I will use a wide range of tools to gain a detailed understanding of your genetic, biochemical, and lifestyle history to help create a personalized treatment plan that helps to address potential nutrition and lifestyle imbalances that may be contributing to symptoms.

As a certified Life & Mindset Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, and Breathwork & Meditation Facilitator, I uniquely combine nutritional therapy with subconscious work to support you through releasing any limiting beliefs, self sabotaging behaviours or energy blocks that may be holding you back on your health journey.

Common imbalances I support clients through include:

  • ​Menstrual cycle challenges including PMS, heavy painful periods, irregular or absent periods

  • Conditions such as endometriosis, PCOS and fibroids

  • Fertility

  • Pregnancy & postpartum support

  • Peri-menopause and menopause

  • Low energy

  • Weight loss

  • Gut health issues including IBS, chronic bloating, parasites or candida

  • Mood challenges including anxiety and depression

  • Brain fog

  • Burnout and adrenal fatigue


Healthy Meal

Nutritional Therapy

My approach is high touch, massive transformation

I work with my clients for a minimum of 3 months to guarantee the greatest transformations

Packages start at £500 per month

To explore the right package for you, book in for your free compatibility call

Client Love

"I have been working with Lynda for 6 months one on one and in her group programs. I saw immediate results with long term health issues including acid reflux (17 years), bloating, poor digestion, PMS symptoms, fatigue, brain fog, and candida overgrowth (20+ years). I now have zero PMS symptoms each month - I didn't even know that was possible - and have reduced my prescription medications. By fixing my digestion, I can eat foods that used to trigger me. I have more energy and feel lighter. When a serious health issue unexpectedly popped up, Lynda listened to me more than any doctor and spent hours thoroughly researching how she could help. My neurologist credited her with healing me! She's relatable, generous, genuine, and no one will work harder for you! I would not hesitate to recommend Lynda to anyone who wants to solve health issues from a holistic body/mind/spirit perspective and gain a champion, cheerleader, and a friend"

Sarah, United States

Functional Testing

Doctor's lab tests all coming back normal but you just know something isn't right?

I offer a broad range of functional testing, including stool testing, DUTCH hormone testing, organic acids, full thyroid panel, intolerance testing, and hair, tissue, mineral analysis (HTMA). These tests go so much deeper than tests we can get via our Doctors and can be truly transformational when combined with a nutritional therapy plan targeted specifically to your results.


There are so many options available I can't list them all here, but tests are provided at cost, and the cost of my analysis and your personalised recommendations will vary by test and a quote will be shared ahead of purchasing your test.


All 1:1 nutrition clients and VIP Coaching & Mentoring clients receive free analysis of tests and I would always recommend doing testing alongside 3 months nutritional therapy support so we can go deeper and get you the best results.

To find out more about what testing would be most appropriate for your symptoms, book at free call to chat.

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Move from surviving to thriving, and kick those frustrating symptoms into touch once & for all.

Client Love

"Lynda is so amazing to work with. From the start, she put me at ease and made me feel confident that everything would work out for us. My initial concern working with her was for my guy health and constipation. Following her detailed and informed instructions, my gut health improved within 2 weeks of working with her. This was something that I have struggled with for over ten years, so I was delighted at how quickly I got results! Lynda felt really strongly that we needed to sort my gut out before looking at my fertility challenges. She asked us not to try for three months, which initially I found very difficult. However I knew I was working towards healing the inside of my body, and left my trust in Lynda. This also helped us to avoid the disappointment each month, and focus on the programme.
I joined her Fast Track Your Fertility course, and although I was doing a lot of the work already, it was great to get so much information to fully understand why we were doing what we were. It also served as a great support network, putting really amazing ladies in touch with one another, not to mention the amazing meditations we did together.
Working with Lynda has felt like making a new friend. She has been an incredible support since the first day I spoke with her, and will be recommending her without hesitation to anyone who needs her."

Emma, Ireland


Already know you're ready to go?


Here are the options you can book right away


Tier 1: Fully Nourished - 4 Months Nutritional Therapy

.:. 2 hour kick off call
.:. 1 hour follow up consultations at 4, 8, 12 and 16 weeks

.:. Initial report explaining the root causes of all of your signs and symptoms, initial dietary, lifestyle and supplement recommendations, plus updated plans after each call 
.:. Voxer access Mon-Fri
 during our 4 months together

.:. Complimentary access to my 12 week Women's Health program, Nourished You (£888)

.:. Complimentary DUTCH Plus inc. CAR Adrenal and Sex Hormone Test & analysis (£270)

.:. Analysis of any additional functional tests you complete during our time together, including stool testing, HTMA, organic acids (*client is responsible for cost of tests. Analysis by Lynda is complimentary)


£2000 PIF or £555/month

Tier 2: Fully Healed - 4 Months Nutritional Therapy PLUS Subconscious Healing


.:. 2 hour kick off call
.:. 3 1 hour follow up consultations per month ( 3 calls and 1 integration week)

:. Initial report explaining the root causes of all of your signs and symptoms, initial dietary, lifestyle and supplement recommendations, plus regularly updated plans during our 4 months together

.:. Incorporation of subconscious healing through NLP and breathwork as appropriate during our weekly 1:1 calls
.:. Voxer access Mon-Fri

.:. Complimentary access to my 12 week Women's Health program, Nourished You (£888)

.:. DUTCH Plus inc CAR Adrenal and Sex Hormone Test and analysis (£270)

.:. Analysis of any functional tests you may desire to complete during our time together, stool testing, HTMA, organic acids (*client is responsible for cost of tests. Analysis by Lynda is complimentary)

£4000 PIF or £1111/month

This mentorship is for those ready to be held high by me in our sacred container, as you step into your power and radically transform your health so you can step into a whole new you.

Tier 1

Tier 2

Client Love

“I reached out to Lynda in the early part of 2022 after suffering with horrendous period pains, heavy periods and intense PMS symptoms for the best part of 10 years after stopping the injection for birth control in my early twenties. My introduction session with Lynda felt as though I had had two years worth of biology lessons in two hours, it absolutely blew my mind! Before working with Lynda, I didn’t even know when I ovulated or what the process really entailed. Over the course of our three months together, not only did I gain an in-depth understanding of my body, hormones and fertility, Lynda taught me how to work in alignment with my hormones so much so that I cannot quite believe I am saying this but, I no longer have to get up at 3am and jump in the bath to help with my period pain! I sleep right through, my energy levels have increased significantly and another positive side affect was my anxiety disappeared completely for the first time.


During my time working with Lynda, she made me realise how many of my physical symptoms were resulting from limiting beliefs and childhood trauma. We ended up deep diving into self development and working on my self worth and confidence, getting to the root of where my lack of confidence was coming from and learning how to heel from issues in my past that I didn’t realise were having such a hold over me. In one breathwork session alone, Lynda helped me break through something I had been holding onto for over 20 years!


Doing this work has allowed me to show up at work completely differently. I now hold stronger boundaries and use my voice with confidence, and even unexpectedly got a payrise as a result! I have also relaunched my podcast which I had let slide, and have so many exciting plans for the future. 


I am so grateful to Lynda who was always there when I had a realisation or if something popped up that I wanted to run past her on Voxer, I felt like Lynda was my biggest cheer leader who genuinely had my best interests at heart.  Working with Lynda has not only transformed my health, but my self worth and over all well being for the better which I will forever be grateful for”.

Charlotte Freeman, Relationships & Communication Coach (Fierce Feminine Ascension client)

Align Breakthrough Transformations

If you are desiring a deep transformation but are not ready to commit to a longer term container, I invite you to join me for an Align breakthrough session where we will explore where your health, life, career, and relationships may be out of alignment, then I will intuitively guide you to your fastest timeline of success using a combination of my unique gifts including nutritional therapy, life coaching, NLP and breathwork.

Ahead of our session you will complete a survey which will help us to focus our time together.

Following our session you will receive 7 days voxer access to integrate the transformation I guide you through.

About Your Mentor

Hey, I'm Lynda, an ex-anorexic turned burnt out workaholic.

CNM Dip Nutritional Therapy, MMedsci Human Nutrition, Certified Life,  NLP & Self Love Coach, and Breathwork & Meditation Facilitator.


For years I determined my worth by how much I did, how hard I worked, my grades, how little I slept, how much I exercised, and the size of the jeans I could squeeze myself into. I was hyper-controlling, was unable to ask for support, and thought rest was lazy.

I was up at 4.45am, grabbing a coffee and completing a 10km run before a quick shower, a 1 hour commute to work and a non-stop day until I would crawl through the door at 8 or 9pm, tired but wired. Sadly a common pattern for so many women who want to 'have it all' these days...


I always felt cold, yet had terrible night sweats. I struggled with hair loss and breakouts. I was constipated and periods were a thing I rejoiced over not needing to worry about because they never came. I had to wear sunglasses when I drove at night because I found car lights blinding... My adrenals, mind and body were all exhausted. I had constant brain fog, anxiety, and would cry driving home from work every day even when I had had the best day at work,


After studying naturopathic nutritional therapy, balancing my hormones, regaining my menstrual cycle and falling pregnant with my gorgeous son, I decided to walk away from my big corporate job to launch my own business in the hope it would provide a better quality of life for me and my family & transform the health of millions of women worldwide. 

This work gives me so much joy. I would love to support you.

love Lynda xxx

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