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Corporate Wellness

Increasing staff productivity, attendance and retention through bespoke women's health in the workplace programs

Are you ready to heal your body, break through destructive patterns, build your self worth, step into your power and claim your audacious desires?

Then I invite you to join me on a transformational journey like no other.


This intimate 1:1 container has been designed for business leaders and business owners who are ready to break through disempowering beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviours, heal from broken health, and create overflowing prosperity through feminine energetics balanced with powerful masculine strategy.





Working with me allows you to have your own personal nutritional therapist, mindset and manifestation coach, Master NLP practitioner, breathwork & meditation facilitator, astrology & human design enthusiast, feminine energetics expert AND high performance marketeer & business strategist on your team.

With 20 years of business and marketing experience plus a whole load of burnout under my belt, I've spent the last 5 years deconditioning from unhealthy patterns & behaviours, transforming my health & fertility, overcoming low self-worth, perfectionism, imposter syndrome & 24/7 hustling to create the life, health & business of my dreams.


Together we will create your dream life, health and wealth, whether that's within a corporate role, or running your own business.

The impact of this container will be seen way beyond our time working together. This has the potential to change the rest of your life.


This transformational portal has been designed for those ready to be held high by me, step into their power and claim their greatest desires in health, wealth, love, relationships, career & business.

No more hustling & burning out as you rise. It's time to ascend with radiance, ease & flow.


Fierce Feminine Ascension is for the woman who...

On paper likely has it all - the career, the money, the material things, yet feels unhappy & unfulfilled.

You feel low often. You're anxious, even though sometimes you can't put your finger on why.

Your menstrual cycle is a mess... either your periods are heavy & painful, or they may have become irregular or have disappeared completely

You're hanging onto weight around your tummy no matter how much you exercise or watch what you eat

You need a coffee to get going in the morning, reach for the sugar mid-afternoon, and use wine to switch off at night

You're snappy and short-tempered with those you love the most

Things that once brought you joy no longer do and you may find yourself crying for no reason

You may have started to experience adult acne and hair loss which are leaving you feel really unhappy

You struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep. You may find yourself wide awake at 1am or 4am

You may be experiencing night sweats and dizziness or blacking out when standing

You've probably been experiencing brain fog, poor memory or concentration and may have achy joints

You may be getting regular headaches, migraines, and sensitivity to light and noise

Your gut is unhappy. You may be constipated for days, bloated or find yourself at the complete opposite end of the spectrum, finding yourself experiencing loose stools several times a day

You're a type A hyper high achiever

You're a perfectionist. You're not delegating because you think you can do everything better or faster

You're putting everyone else's needs ahead of your own, saying yes when you want to say no, taking on more and more when you are already completely exhausted

You've tied your worthiness to how much you do, across all areas of your life, not who you be

If you're in a relationship it's probably struggling

You're so tired and depleted your partner never gets the best of you

You're low, anxious and have no libido

If you're single you may be worrying you're running out of time to find the one...

You have so much to feel grateful for and think there must be something wrong with you for not feeling happier.

You may not know what you want, but you just know life shouldn't feel like this

Whilst you may not know what the next step is, you just know you can't go on like this...

Fierce Feminine Ascension is for both business leaders & business owners...

It will provide you with a complete life, health & business transformation

No area of our lives occurs in a vacuum. Each area is always impacting another. This is why I am so passionate about exploring & healing all areas whilst working with clients 1:1

As a certified life and mindset coach, breathwork facilitator and nutritional therapist with over 10 years experience as a Senior leader in corporate business managing over 50 direct reports, 15 agencies, 2 brands and a £45 million annual budget, PLUS 2.5 years running my own business, I am uniquely positioned to support those within corporate as well as those desiring to launch and grow their business, whilst also healing your health and breaking through destructive patterns impacting your relationships and quality of life

6 years ago I was seeing my career soar whilst every other area of my life and my health fell apart

My healing journey has brought alignment and expansion to all areas of my life

Health, relationships, spiritual connection and my career

This is what I desire for you too

260 (2)_edited.jpg

No more hustling & burning out as you rise. It's time to ascend with radiance, ease & flow.

Synthesising the modalities of:

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Breathwork & Meditation, EFT, Mindset Coaching, Nutritional Therapy, and Career or Business Mentorship 

Together we'll:

*Nourish and heal your body from burnout

*Identify the wounding of your inner child & recognise how this is driving unhealthy behaviours including perfectionism, decreasing your ability to ask for help & receive support, hustling, forcing and preventing you from being able to trust and receive

*Empower you to claim your true desires through dismantling and re-writing your subconscious beliefs

*Build trust in your inner knowing and the confidence to follow its guidance even when it makes no sense

*Learn to recognise subconscious blocks and disempowering behaviours as they come up and know how to move through them so they no longer control your reality

*Nourish your body without restriction for happy hormones, supercharged energy, a healthy gut, glowing skin, luscious locks, strong nails, happy weight

*Develop polarity and vulnerability in your intimate relationship for deeper trust and connection

For the business owner we'll also:
* Break through disempowering beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviours which are holding you back from creating the life & business of your dreams
* Regulate your nervous system so that you can hold more wealth, clients & success
* Create an ICONIC brand that has people begging for the link to pay you
* Develop a juicy product suite with soul aligned pricing that allows multiple streams of revenue to flow to you with ease
* Create overflowing prosperity through a fusion of feminine energetics balanced with powerful masculine strategy & processes that allow abundance to flow to you as you sleep
* Dive into your personal astrology & human design so you can align your life & business with your soul's gifts & inherent wealth codes

And so much more...


Fierce Feminine Ascension Includes:

.:. 3 or 6 month mentorship
.:. 2 hour kick-off call, followed by
.:. Up to 4 x 60 min calls per month

.:. Call recordings

.:. Regular nutritional therapy plans to heal the root cause of your symptoms and bring your body back into alignment
.:. Voxer access 5 days a week for high touch support. This is where we can dive into and re-write subconscious blocks in real time
.:. Access to a library of meditations & healing practices to use between sessions in an exclusive 1:1 online healing portal
.:. A DUTCH COMPLETE hormone test plus analysis to understand how your hormones and adrenals are currently functioning

.:. Analysis of any other functional tests you may desire to complete during our time together, including stool testing, HTMA, organic acids (*client is reponsible for cost of tests. Analysis by Lynda is complimenatary)
.:. Access to any online trainings/programs/masterclasses I run during our time together.

This mentorship is for those ready to be held high by me in our sacred container, step into their power and claim their audacious desires.

To learn more and apply click the link below. 

Client Love

“I reached out to Lynda in the early part of 2022 after suffering with horrendous period pains, heavy periods and intense PMS symptoms for the best part of 10 years after stopping the injection for birth control in my early twenties. My introduction session with Lynda felt as though I had had two years worth of biology lessons in two hours, it absolutely blew my mind! Before working with Lynda, I didn’t even know when I ovulated or what the process really entailed. Over the course of our three months together, not only did I gain an in-depth understanding of my body, hormones and fertility, Lynda taught me how to work in alignment with my hormones so much so that I cannot quite believe I am saying this but, I no longer have to get up at 3am and jump in the bath to help with my period pain! I sleep right through, my energy levels have increased significantly and another positive side affect was my anxiety disappeared completely for the first time.


During my time working with Lynda, she made me realise how many of my physical symptoms were resulting from limiting beliefs and childhood trauma. We ended up deep diving into self development and working on my self worth and confidence, getting to the root of where my lack of confidence was coming from and learning how to heel from issues in my past that I didn’t realise were having such a hold over me. In one breathwork session alone, Lynda helped me break through something I had been holding onto for over 20 years!


Doing this work has allowed me to show up at work completely differently. I now hold stronger boundaries and use my voice with confidence, and even unexpectedly got a payrise as a result! I have also relaunched my podcast which I had let slide, and have so many exciting plans for the future. 


I am so grateful to Lynda who was always there when I had a realisation or if something popped up that I wanted to run past her on Voxer, I felt like Lynda was my biggest cheer leader who genuinely had my best interests at heart.  Working with Lynda has not only transformed my health, but my self worth and over all well being for the better which I will forever be grateful for”.

Charlotte Freeman, Relationships & Communication Coach

Align Breakthrough Transformations

If you are desiring a deep transformation but are not ready to commit to a longer term container, I invite you to join me for an Align breakthrough session where we will explore where your health, life, career, business and relationships may be out of alignment, then I will intuitively guide you to your fastest timeline of success using a combination of my unique gifts including NLP and breathwork.

Ahead of our session you will complete a survey which will help us to focus our time together.

Following our session you will receive 7 days voxer access to integrate the transformation I guide you through.

If you desire, we can use this time together to focus completely on creating a nutritional therapy plan to support health challenges such as menstrual cycle or gut issues, or if you are feeling stuck in your business, we can use the time for a business intensive. If either of these are the case, please indicate on the form at the time of booking.

About Your Mentor

Hey, I'm Lynda, an ex-anorexic turned burnt out workaholic.


For years I determined my worth by how much I did, how hard I worked, my grades, how little I slept, how much I exercised, and the size of the jeans I could squeeze myself into. I was hyper-controlling, was unable to ask for support, and thought rest was lazy.

I was up at 4.45am, grabbing a coffee and completing a 10km run before a quick shower, a 1 hour commute to work and a non-stop day until I would crawl through the door at 8 or 9pm, tired but wired. Sadly a common pattern for so many women who want to 'have it all' these days...


I always felt cold, yet had terrible night sweats. I struggled with hair loss and breakouts. I was constipated and periods were a thing I rejoiced over not needing to worry about because they never came. I had to wear sunglasses when I drove at night because I found car lights blinding... My adrenals, mind and body were all exhausted. I had constant brain fog, anxiety, and would cry driving home from work every day even when I had had the best day at work,


After studying naturopathic nutritional therapy, balancing my hormones, regaining my menstrual cycle and falling pregnant with my gorgeous son, I decided to walk away from my big corporate job to launch my own business in the hope it would provide a better quality of life for me and my family. At the time I was too scared to have an Instagram profile with my name, I didn't dare show my face on camera and was convinced if I shared my truth I'd be trolled...


Needless to say, I moved through those blocks, but the personal development ride never stops in business. Every next level we hit brings with it more fears and stories. Business problems really are personal problems wrapped up as business problems which is why I am so passionate about supporting my clients with the inner work, not just strategy.

This work gives me so much joy. I would love to support you.

love Lynda xxx

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