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Do you need to stabilise your blood sugar?

Do you experience any of these symptoms?⠀


• Feeling lightheaded, especially when standing up⠀

• Feeling better after meals⠀

• Feeling worse after exercise (rather than energised!)⠀

• Sugar, carbohydrate, or alcohol cravings⠀

• Energy or mood dips after eating sugar, carbs, or alcohol⠀

• Excessive thirst or increased urination⠀

• Fatigue or low energy⠀

• More awake at night or having trouble sleeping⠀

• Experiencing night sweats not related to the menopause ⠀

• Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or exhausted⠀

• Feeling nervous, jittery, irritable⠀

• Having headaches throughout the day⠀


Then you could have imbalanced blood sugar.⠀


One surprising way this can arise is through our stress response. When cortisol gets activated, our blood sugar rises as a safety mechanism... our body is providing glucose as a fuel so we can fight or run away from the threat! This is great when we really need it, but not when it's coming from sitting at our desks reading emails or having challenging conversations with our boss... 😏⠀


Balanced blood sugar is super important for happy hormones, sustained energy, and a stable mood, which is why it's often the foundation of my plans when working with stressed out, high achieving women. Here's some of the best ways to balance your blood sugar today:⠀


1️⃣ Eat breakfast within 1 hour of waking - blood sugar is low in the morning so we want to raise it⠀


2️⃣ Include protein, healthy fats and plenty of fibre rich vegetables in every meal to slow glucose release, providing a steadier blood glucose supply from meals⠀


3️⃣ Don't drink coffee on an empty stomach - this causes cortisol to rise, increasing the stress response ⠀


4️⃣ Use diaphragmatic breathing throughout the day to calm the nervous system

Want more support? Drop me a message to book in for a FREE discovery call to find out how I can help you.


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